Start making videos that Don't SUCK!

Do you want to stand out on social media?

You already know you need to create content like Gary Vee says.  

You have knowledge that people WOULD PAY for.  

But how do you create videos that stand out from the other videos on the internet that SUCK??

And WHY is it so hard to just START and hit *RECORD*?

Oh... and does it HAVE to take SO MUCH WORK to create content?

When you hit *PUBLISH* on your most recent post, does the thought of doing it ALL OVER again make you feel like like you're drowning?

These are ALL common frustrations that keep us from creating CONSISTENT AND VALUABLE VIDEOS.

You're not the only one to experience these hurdles.

This is why I developed this course....

How to Create Videos That Don't Suck.  

This is not another video course filled with aperture, shutter speed, and overkill tech jargon about how to become a professional videographer. 


This course is CUSTOM DESIGNED for someone who doesn't want to know EVERY camera setting on professional cameras.

I'm stripping out all the techno babble about cameras that scare away amateurs. 

This course is for you if you have NO desire to become a professional videographer and make videos for clients.

This course if for you if you want to make PRO LEVEL videos for yourself and your brand, WITHOUT going to film school or hiring expensive videographers like D Rock to follow you around all day.

This course is for you if you don't want to to spend YEARS and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS learning how to create cool videos to grow your REAL passion project


Here's How You Will Level Up When You Take This Course


The Minimalist Gear List

Afraid of getting sold something you don't need?

We will debunk the myth that you need the most expensive equipment to shoot better videos.  

I'll show you how to create instantly better videos with the camera you already have.  

And when you're ready to upgrade, what will level up your videos the most.


The Secrets to Becoming a Thought Leader

Learn How To Be The Person that Creates and Inspires.

Instead of the person that Consumes and Follows.


The Path to Shareworthy Content

Who is your ideal audience?  

Once you know who that is, you will be able to systematically research and create a VAULT of unlimited valuable video ideas to create.  You'll never sit there wondering what your next video will be and whether it will do well.


The Recipe for the Perfect "Cocktail"

Why are Peter Mckinnon's Videos so fun to watch? 

But... yours are so boring?

Learn how to create videos with the perfect mix of entertainment AND value. 

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Here is a glimpse into the course content and what you will be learning when you enroll.  



MODULE 1:  Why Are You Creating Content?

Subscribers?  Likes?  To get trolled?

If you don't have a clear "WHY" you will fall into the trap of posting for likes and followers.  

Having a SOLID WHY is going to keep you laser focused and turn you into a content creation MACHINE.



MODULE 2:  Who is Your Audience?  

Discover my secret method for finding EXACTLY what people are struggling with. 


When you start solving your ideal audiences problems, you will start creating valuable content that can be RECYCLED over and over.  

It's not 1 and done.

Stack your efforts.  



MODULE 3:  What Gear Do You Need?

Afraid of buying something you don't need?

Every body will need different gear (depending on what you want to create). 

We will go over the best gear for the best prices so you can create pro videos without breaking the bank.



MODULE 4:  What Does Your Voice Sound Like?

​What Makes you UNIQUE?  

Your Personality and your Voice.

Not your real voice.  But the personality you convey through video.  

Why will people want to listen to you ?  

Discover my 3 step method for finding and honing your voice.



MODULE 5:  Preshoot

What videos should you create?

How do you plan out and storyboard a video?

How can we plan out SEVERAL videos to batch for the month.  

In this module, you will get my step by step recipe of how to plan out a successful video from A-Z.  

Once you have this process down, you'll be able to plan out 2,3,4 videos and more to shoot in ONE DAY for the entire month.  

What was that saying? 

Prior planing prevents personal..... ?

Whatever.  You get it.



MODULE 6:  Shoot Day

Now that you have all the planning done, you are ready to SHOOT. 

Camera and lighting settings.  

B-roll.  You know, all the fun stuff.



MODULE 7:  Post Processing

Learn how edit fast. 

And how do you fracture your content into smaller bits and pieces for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Wait....1 video...into..... how many different posts??? cooollllll 



MODULE 8:  Bonus Lessons 

Shadow me as I take you from finding an idea to shoot, storyboarding the video, setting up the shots, shooting, editing, and finally POSTING the finished video.  

In these lessons, I will show you how I create different videos from start to finish.  

Hanson Cheng  //  Videographer & Photographer

Hi, I'm Hanson. 

I left my old life focused on doing things I didn't enjoy for money back in Washington, DC.

I bought a 1 way ticket to New Zealand and lived in a van for 3 months learning to use a camera by myself.  

Now I live in Bali creating content for brands like the Ritz Carlton all over the world.

My mission is to teach people how to tell their own story to help and insprie others.  

I believe everyone can and should do this through video.

Hanson Cheng

What People Have to Say About My Method of Teaching

ELif  //  Online Nutritionist and Trainer  

Josh  //  Online Fitness Coach

Nick  //  Online Holistic Fitness Coach  

The Best Time to Start Creating Videos That Don't SUCK is Now!

Don't hold off building your brand any more.  Stop creating videos that suck because.  Learn the system for creating better videos TODAY!


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