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I've grown several businesses (offline and online) to multiple 6 figures.  

I've learned:

  • what works 
  • what doesn't 
  • which businesses give the most freedom 
  • which ones just  suck and should be avoided

I want to share what's worked for me and what I'm doing now to grow my businesses.  

Now my focus in nearly everything I write is, "How can I help people do the same and avoid my mistakes?"

So what does "Quickening" mean?

When I was a kid, I was a huge Highlander fan. 

This movie was about immortal people.  They had a power inside them called the "Quickening" which was their life force and kept them immortal.  They could steal other immortal's powers by chopping off their heads.  I always thought that was so cool. 

I believe everyone has a special power inside them.  These are the superpowers you have.  An unfair advantage that you seem to do effortlessly and other people watch with envy.  

I want to deconstruct these superpowers people have to make them easier for you and me to acquire these skills.  

And we don't even need to chop off anyone's heads!

Anyways, I hope you find a lot of value in what I write and share about. 

My "Quickening" inspiration from Highlander.

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